Wedding Budget in Kenya – Factors to Consider

Wedding Budget in Kenya: Planning for a wedding, and wondering what is the wedding budget in Kenya. There are many factors to consider when doing a wedding budget. Even if you have a budget of 50,000, 300000, 50000, or 1 million and above you can still do a nice wedding.

Any amount you have in mind to spend for your wedding can perfectly work out in you find a good wedding planner in Kenya.

The key to having and executing a wedding budget mainly depends on what you want to have on your wedding. That’s why you need to consider how much you are going to use on the main components of your wedding as the number of items or components are mainly going to impact your wedding budget.

Factors to Consider Wedding Budget in Kenya

These factors will impact on your budget.

The most important factors to consider when planning your wedding budget in Kenya include :

  1. Wedding venue/wedding setting
  2. Reception food and drink
  3. Wedding dress
  4. Wedding photographer and videographer
  5. Wedding décor
  6. Wedding jewelry
  7. Wedding Cards
  8. Wedding ceremony and reception music
  9. Wedding flowers
  10. Reception decorations
  11. Ceremony decorations
  12. Reception table centerpieces
  13. Honeymoon
  14. Transport
  15. Guest list size (Wedding Budget for 300 Guests, Wedding Budget for 150 Guests in Kenya, Wedding Budget for 50 Guests in Kenya, Wedding Budget for 500 Guests etc.

When planning there are other minor costs and miscellaneous that you have to consider.

Therefore when doing a wedding, you need to know the key components that you need so that you can work on a budget. It some components seem to be expensive it’s good to do away with them.

Depending on your budget, it’s good to commit to it; otherwise you might be left with debts.

The number of guests plays a big part in your budget. The higher the wedding guests, the higher your budget. Therefore, plan accordingly and have that dream wedding.


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