How To Make Sure Your Guests Are Happy

Make logistics plans are crystal clear. Ensure that the timings and addresses in your invitation cards are as clear and precise.

Make your venue as comfortable as possible with the necessary amenities, packing spaces, etc.

Make sure your guests are well entertained while you are taking photos.

Make time to say hello to everyone or at least give a vote of thanks to everyone for coming.

Be clear and considerate with children policy and clarify on if one can bring a plus one to the party.

Keep speeches to the point and make sure they are audible. Ensure that most of the people can understand what is being said.

Incorporate thoughtful and personal details in your wedding. They could range from a photo booth to cozy blankets that one can cover themselves to party favors.

Make sure you keep time and that things run as they has been planned.

Have a great sitting plan arrangement. Communicate on who should sit where and how they will be sitting. Is it on a round table or all of them to face infront?

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