Fab Fusion Bridal Shower Packages Nairobi, Kenya

Fab Fusion Bridal Shower Packages :

“I loved that bridal shower”, “It was among the best showers I have been to”,” I can still feel the joy of that shower, etc.” These are all the statements we wish to hear from attendees of our showers or those of our close friends. Knowing that a wedding is happening soon is exciting news in itself now the journey to celebrate that it what brings about the bridal shower. Bridal showers a time to celebrate the bride to be, her journey of new beginnings and the love that surrounds her and partner.

A bridal shower is the most anticipated event before walking down the aisle. We can help you host a befitting shower honoring a friend or loved one. Bridal showers are a time to pull out all the girly stops. Get dressed up with your favorite ladies and drink champagne (or not) like it’s going out of style.

Fab Fusion Bridal Shower Packages Nairobi, Kenya

Our bridal shower packages are as follows;

Platinum band – It is a high end level package that is very luxurious. It involves a lot of lavish touches that will take the shower to a whole new level.

Pearl band – It is a simple and elegant package. It involves a lot of high-low end touches that will help strike a balance in between luxurious and also trying to cut cost.

Pretty band – It is for those who are tight on a budget but still want to have a memorable shower.

Fab fusion mix band – It is a fusion of all the packages. We try and have a platinum feel, high-low items and also see to it that we cut cost. A little bit of everything.

If you are looking for bridal showers packages in Nairobi or Kenya, kindly look no further. We cater for bridal showers in Nairobi and the whole of Kenya.

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